I Help You Build Amazing Apps That Your Stakeholders Love

Since 2008, I have use Scrum to deliver over $100m of Dynamics 365 and Power Platform applications and helped over 6,000 business apps builders with my courses, workshops, and masterclasses. It seems like a long time. But I’m just getting started.


I Help You Build Amazing Apps That Stakeholders Love

Since 2008, I have been using Scrum to deliver over $100m in Dynamics 365 and Power Platform projects and helped over 6,000 business apps builders with my courses, workshops, and materclasses. It seems like a long time. But I’m just getting started.


I Help You Build Amazing Apps That Stakeholders Love

Since 2008, I have been using Scrum to deliver over $100m in Dynamics 365 and Power Platform projects and helped over 6,000 business apps builders with my courses, workshops, and materclasses. It seems like a long time. But I’m just getting started.

Everything Started at Lesiureworld

The Lego Competition

My love for building started with LEGO. It was when I won my first LEGO competition at Leisureworld, a local toy store, building a LEGO Technic 8860 car chassis.

Bachelors in Biochemistry

This was the time when I spent days in the biochemistry lab transposing green fluorescent protein from jellyfish into yeast! I fell in love with the idea of running experiments.

My First Job

My first job after university was working with people, rather than yeast. My first CRM project was at Royal Bank of Scotland in 1999.

Increase: My First Business

I started a IT sales agency with Jon and Joel helping US software companies establish a sales team in the UK. But the business didn’t work out and we shut it down. But I kept the name.

Addicted to CRM

I relaunched Increase CRM as a Microsoft CRM hosting company. Our tagline? ‘Beyond Demand’. We called ourselves ‘CRM addicts’, and wore lab coats to work on Fridays, after an agency created a fluorescent test tube logo.

Customery 1.0

After selling Increase CRM, I launched Customery as my freelance consulting business and started blogging about using Scrum for Microsoft Dynamics projects.

From California to Queensland

I relocated to Los Angeles to grow Slalom’s customer experience practice in Southern California. Three years later, we relocated to Brisbane to raise our family close to my wife’s family.

Customery 2.0

I relaunched Customery as my online training and coaching business on a mission to help Microsoft customers and partners master agile practices and build amazing apps their stakeholder’s love.

Superware: My First ISV

I was leading three Scrum teams on digital transformation at RACQ and formed Superware with five of my team to transform member engagement in Australia’s superannuation industry.


Debbie rejected the requirements specification that we spent six weeks writing!

We were on the verge of losing our biggest customer and losing our business.

In 2008, Increase CRM was a scrappy start-up. The market for hosted CRM was tiny but exploding, and we were the UK’s market leader. We had a lot to lose. Hosting CRM for Premier Medical Group would double our business. But Debbie, the operations director, was outraged when she read our requirements specification.

She demanded that we find a way to deliver differently. Faster, iteratively, collaboratively.

Hanging by a thread, we didn’t have a choice: learn Scrum or go home.

It was the most pivotal moment in my career. Because what we did would decide the future of my career. Thankfully, we made the right choice. We switched to Scrum. And Debbie was on board.

Enterprise digital transformation using Scrum at scale at RACQ

At one point we had 25 people in three Scrum squads building apps together.

In 2018, I was engaged by the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland to run the Dynamics 365 workstream of their multi-million-dollar ‘Jupiter’ program to replace their legacy membership system.

The Dynamics 365 workstream eventually grew to 25 people. While we followed the Scrum Guide we also ran hundreds of experiments with other agile practices and invented a few of our own. I teach those proven practices today in my courses, workshops and coaching programs.


Building Together is Fun!

I’ve always loved playing LEGO. Even today, I still build LEGO with my kids. And we have a lot of fun. Most of the time, we try our own random builds. And sometimes, we build a standard LEGO set together.

Complex LEGO sets can be challenging.

Not sure about you. But it happened to me a lot. When I was at a toy store, I always wanted to buy LEGO creations for kids several years older than me. It’s a strange feeling of accomplishment you get when you complete harder sets.

When I was a kid, my dad helped me with the blocks. He didn’t know how to build any of the sets either. But he knew about something I didn’t—the LEGO instruction books. Today, these little booklets help me, and my kids have fun building LEGO.

The LEGO instruction books help you visualise the product goal (the front over). Then they break down the work into bags (like sprints, each with a sprint goal) and steps (like individual product backlog items).

Building Together is Scrum

And Scrum is a lot like building LEGO. When we almost lost the project with Debbie in 2008, I was desperate to find a way around it. Choosing to switch to Scrum was a desperate measure. But I’m glad we did it.

The success of that project helped us win more projects. It opened doors for more opportunities. More importantly, it helped us have fun delivering projects.

Scrum beyond delivery.

Over the years, I’ve used Scrum for purposes beyond delivering projects. I’ve pitched proposals, estimated projects, and delivered projects. And I’ve been helping other Microsoft customers and partners do the same with my courses, masterclasses, content, and consulting.


What Our Customers Say

What I’ve seen is there’s more efficiency from the teams because things are more organised. There’s a process in place. There’s a structure that people look and say, ‘Okay, yeah, this is how things are being done and this is better as compared to what we’re doing before’. In terms of saving time, after going through the Scrum course, what I now have is a process to filter through the backlog, put those things into sprints on the backlog itself. So basically, it saving us time in terms of where work items which are related.

Alexio Chandiwana
Solution Designer at D365 Consulting

We’ve got a lot of really good feedback from our very first customer that we applied the framework to, to the point where we got a case study out of it with Capgemini, like it’s on our website and public. For me, the mental health thing has dramatically improved in terms of like what I think we’ve agreed upon versus what they’ve agreed they think that they’ve agreed upon. Being confident, using the framework, being on time and on budget gives us confidence. Every time that we know that we’re going to use the framework, it’ll actually happen. Just having the baseline, which is the Scrum for Business Applications course really helps us all stay aligned and true to that.

Andrew Rogers
Senior Manager, Dynamics 365 at Capgemini

We have increased significantly increased the size of our development team. One of the reasons that we’ve been able to do that is because the business has had confidence in the framework that we’ve got to deliver, and that has seen us been given an increase in budget. The work aspect of my life is different after during the course because I definitely have a better framework in order to run the project that has been led to decrease in stress around overruns and risk management.

Louise Astorgano, Head of Technology at Evolv Super Audits

The main difference that adopting Scrum has made to our business apps projects within Incremental Group is it adds structure to our teams. It allows our guys to work in iterative sprints, and it enables our project managers to keep a track of the work that’s going on. Ultimately, then we’re able to work together as a team towards a goal and deliver the best application, the best solution, to our customers.

Graeme Donnell, Senior Pre-Sales Consultant at Incremental Group

Let me help you

Since 2008, I’ve worked with plenty of organizations and people in helping them win and deliver agile projects. But more importantly, I’ve had the privilege of helping people stuck in a situation, just like I was with my first Scrum project with Debbie.

If you need help, I’m here for you. No matter your situation, I’d like to see how I can help you. Just check my calendar and schedule a call with me.

Keep experimenting 🧪

Neil Benson

P.S. In case you didn’t realise, I live in Brisbane, Australia (UTC+10). If there’s something I learned from living on three continents: it’s the tyranny of time zones. If for some reason you can’t find a convenient time in my calendar, drop me a note at [email protected].