#150. What does it take to have a successful go live event for your Dynamics 365 or Power Platform application. Neil Benson sat down with Andrew Bibby, a seasoned expert in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform business applications. In this episode, Andrew shares his insights on the crucial process of preparing for and executing a successful go live. From addressing technical difficulties to promoting user adoption and measuring success, Andrew sheds light on the often-overlooked aspects of post-delivery project management. He also discusses the importance of training, involving change champions, and effective communication in ensuring a smooth transition. Don't miss this informative episode filled with practical tips for achieving a seamless go-live and maximizing return on investment!


03:26 Phased go-live events for Dynamics 365
06:06 Effort in successful go-live leads to happiness
08:34 Preparation and rehearsal lead to a successful go-live
12:39 Prepare and do steps before go-live
15:36 Early user involvement is vital for successful projects
21:17 Insufficient thought put into IT project training
25:45 Change management ensures successful projects and user adoption
30:07 Change management enhances project success and communication
33:02 Choosing a go-live day
38:20 Metrics, monitoring, and justification are crucial
42:30 The importance of getting across your message, and change management

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