108. If you're considering starting a Dynamics 365 or Power Platform podcast in 2022, or just wonder what's involved in producing a podcast episode, join me for a behind the scenes look at my four step episode production process.

If you have any questions about starting a business apps podcast, I'd love to do my best to help. Email me at [email protected].

Some of these resources include affiliate links that could result in a commission paid to me so that I can blow off my consulting engagements and just podcast all day.


Amazing Apps Ideas – my crowd-sourced content calendar for podcasts and videos

 Calendly – the scheduling service I use to schedule guest interviews

Amazing Apps Guest – my resource page for potential guests on the Amazing Apps podcast

GlideGear telepromter – I upgraded from a Parrot teleprompter to GlideGear to hold a tablet

PromptSmart Pro – voice-activated teleprompter software for iOS and Android


Squadcast – for recording high-quality, lossless audio and video with remote guests

Audacity – free audio recording, editing and mastering software for Mac and Windows

RØDE Procaster – studio and broadcast quality, dynamic XLR microphone

RØDE PSA1 – study microphone boom arm that I also used for a video camera

RØDECaster Pro – audio production studio for remote and local podcast recording and mixing

RØDE Lav+ – lavalier/lapel mic that I use when recording audio for video 

RØDE Wireless Go – wireless microphone system I use when recording audio for video


Descript – all-in-one transcription, audio and video editing, mixing and mastering software

Auphonic – automatic audio mastering service

Buzzsprout – amazing podcast host for Amazing Applications

Podpage – amazing website host for Amazing Applications

Recommended resources for learning more about podcasting

How to start a podcast in 2022 – Pat Flynn on YouTube

Power Up Podcasting – online course by Pat Flynn at SmartPassiveIncome

Best free podcast courses for 2022 – blog post by Buzzsprout

Best podcast set ups for every budget – blog post by

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