#149. Andrew Welch is the Chief Technology Officer at HSO. Andrew is an expert in IT strategy and has a wealth of experience advising customers on their big strategic technology decisions. He is also an author, Microsoft MVP, and a regular presenter at conferences. Joining us today, Andrew shares valuable insights on the importance of IT leadership, cloud ecosystems, data platforms, artificial intelligence, and the future of innovation in technology.

We dive into the concept of the "Tyranny of the Deliverable" and how it relates to IT organizations organizing themselves into technology-focused teams. Andrew also discusses the need for a holistic approach to digital transformation and the role of a cloud strategist in piecing together various technical components to drive business value. If you're an IT leader, architect, or consultant, this episode is packed with valuable perspectives and tips from Andrew Welch. Don't miss it!

02:09 Importance of CIOs leading technology ecosystem integration.
04:48 Enterprise architects focus on specific workloads. Another architect, a cloud strategist, is needed for building capabilities and driving business value.
07:55 Microsoft's platform is versatile for mix and match.
11:11 Lunch with Ana Demeny, discussing Microsoft versus Google.
16:09 AI investment: data consolidation for value-delivery.
20:26 Tyranny of the deliverable: siloed teams, wrong solutions, budget incentives, counterproductive. Solution: subscription as a service model. Move away from hourly charges and fixed scopes.
24:55 Andrew presenting 5 strategies at Nordic Summit.

Andrew Welch on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrewdwelch
Andrew's blog: CloudLight.House: https://CloudLight.house
Dynamics 365 and Power Platform UK User Groups: https://d365ppug.com
Nordic Summit, 23 September 2023: https://nordicsummit.info
Foreceworks Services-as-a-Subscription: https://forceworks.com/the-works-from-forceworks

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