#75. Join me with Haniel Croitoru, Associate Director of Protiviti, a Technology Consulting solutions provider in Toronto, Canada.ย  Haniel shares a story about one of his power platform projects for a not-for-profit client and shares the lessons learned about multi-language deployments, implementation approach, executive sponsorship, and change in user adoption.ย 

Our discussion covers:

  • The importance of strong project sponsorship in projects that drive a lot of organisational change.
  • Refining knowledge gained on a project, writing about it, presenting it, clarifying it, and making it available for others via AppSource.
  • Using common language analogies to explain SharePoint concepts and bring them to life.
  • Easing the challenges of change management and adoption by supporting early adopters with the aim of smoother sailing as they become champions in the user community.
  • Staggering rollouts instead of releasing them all at once to ease the stress for users who do not deal well with change.

It was great to hear how he's designed a solution for multi-language, Power Apps user interfaces, his agile approach to building business applications, and how he addresses change management and user adoption in his projects.


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