#145. We're back with another incredible episode of Amazing Apps, and this time we have an amazing guest on board. Neil Benson is joined by the Low Code Lead & Platform Evangelist at ANS Group, Chris Huntingford. Chris spills the beans on citizen developers, he talks about the concept of ecosystem enablement, the potential of low code platforms, the importance of enabling everyone to build apps and flows, hackathons, and more. Hit the play button and dive into this insightful conversation between Neil and Chris!


00:03:39 The importance of citizen developers
00:07:24 The power of fusion teams
00:09:09 Building skills with hands-on experience
00:13:30 All about hackathons
00:16:38 The importance of ecosystem enablements
00:18:16 The importance of people in digital transformation
00:20:31 Customer shift in app development
00:22:09 The future of Dynamics and Power Platform
00:26:07 What it’s like to work for Microsoft or a partner
00:32:13 The impact of timing on conference attendance
00:34:00 Tips for effective learning and building solutions with Dataverse


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