131. Today’s guest is Magnus Gether Sørensen, a Dynamics 365 Field Service expert at Delegate in Denmark. 

 Magnus shares with us some of the Field Service projects he has worked on, as well as the interesting challenges that his customers have encountered using the application.

Plus, Magnus talks about what’s new and next for Field Service and gives a few tips for teams implementing the application.

 Episode Highlights

  • [0:30] Magnus’ background and his career in business applications
  • [03:29] Magnus’ experience using Dynamics 365 Field Service
  • [06:27] The challenges of using Field Service in Denmark
  • [10:03] On whether Field Service is often integrated with back-office systems
  • [10:58] Demand for resource scheduling optimization
  • [13:45] Comparing Field Service and Resco
  • [17:08] What's new and next for Dynamics 365 Field Service
  • [22:06] Features and changes that Magnus would like to see Field Service implement
  • [24:07] Top three lessons Magnus has for teams building or deploying Field Service
  • [27:44] Magnus’ experience co-organizing Nordic Summit 2022
  • [30:10] On why the Nordic Summit is a free event


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