#67. In this Q&A episode, Stephen Price , Digital Solution Architect at ITK Consulting in Canada, asks, "How should we manage scope creep within a sprint in an agile project?"
The scope of our product is defined by the product backlog, and the scope of our project is a subset of the product backlog. Both are managed by the product owner: the single person responsible and accountable for the product backlog. In my Dynamics 365 and Power Apps projects, the product owner also manages the project scope.ย 
Once youโ€™ve set the sprint goal and agreed on the sprint backlog, what happens if someone needs to or wants to change the sprint backlog?
Here are five occasions when my teams are asked to change to the sprint backlog:

  1. A critical new item is added to the product backlog.ย 
  2. We learn something new about one of the items in our sprint backlog.
  3. An item in the current sprint fails an acceptance test.
  4. Weโ€™ve got less (or more) capacity than we expected at the beginning of the sprint.
  5. The product owner has changed her priorities.

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