#134. Today’s guest is Rishona Elijah, a Microsoft MVP (Business Applications) and Microsoft Certified Trainer who works as a Power Platform Trainer and Evangelist at Barhead Solutions in Sydney, Australia. She spends most of her time running training sessions and delivering events around Power Platform to business users to show them what they can achieve with this technology.

In this episode, Rishona shares how she got started in Business Applications, how she uses her blog to help business users, and the latest innovations with Power Virtual Agents. 

Rishona also talks about whether Power Fx is really part of a low-code platform and new features from Microsoft’s acquisition of Nuance that are being incorporated into Power Platform.

Show Highlights

  • [02:05] Rishona’s work at Barhead Solutions
  • [05:47] What Rishona blogs about
  • [07:38] The latest innovations with Power Virtual Agents
  • [13:25] On whether Power Fx dispels Microsoft’s promise of no-code solutions
  • [16:40] The types of people that attend Rishona’s training sessions
  • [21:32] The latest innovations with Power Automate
  • [25:22] How Rishona got into Business Applications
  • [26:47] Rishona’s advice for people thinking about a career in Business Applications


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