#9. Neil is joined by Nick Doelman (@ReadyXRM) who shares his experience learning Scrum and applying it to one of his recent Dynamics 365 projects.

During the episode we cover:

  • Nick’s background in Dynamics 365 since CRM 1.0 beta
  • Some of his recent projects for a community organisation organising summer camps, classic car auctioneer, certification portal for a company in the mining industry, a telecommunications company in the Caribbean, a reinsurance company, and others
  • Before starting a large Dynamics 365 implementation, Nick got started with Scrum by taking some online training courses
  • Using the Scrum Framework on Pluralsight
  •  Introduction to Scrum for Dynamics 365 by Neil Benson
  • Using planning poker for team estimation of product backlog items
  • Finding unicorns and sunshine in the sprint retrospective
  • Daily scrums as camaraderie-building check-in for remote teams
  • The possibility of using pair programming and other technical practices in Scrum projects
  • Using Visual Studio Team Services features such as tags in Scrum projects
  • Nick will be presenting three sessions at D365UG Summit in Phoenix in October

Remember to download the Scrum Terms Worksheet for a handy guide to all the Scrum terms you hear in this episode.

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