#74. Join me with Vasco Duarte who runs Oikosofy a coaching company in Finland and is also behind the Scrum Master Toolbox podcast. Vasco is the author of a fascinating book, #NoEstimates. Vasco and I chat about the challenges of estimating complex business application software, particularly in the CRM and ERP domains, and how the No Estimates movement and the method covered in his book can help business applications teams construct collaborative contracts with their customers and never deliver late again. 

At the end of this podcast episode, I give details on how you can win one of 14 copies of Vasco's book, the No Estimates book.

Our discussion covers

  • The #noestimates movement and how the approach addresses the frustration of unreliable and late delivery on software projects.
  • Alternatives to traditional estimation methodologies.
  • Using the Extreme Contracts approach to create a win-win situation between vendors and customers.
  • Educating Product Owners who may have never been involved in software development.
  • Blink estimates, or rethinking what is delivered in a sprint to deliver customer value as quickly as possible.
  • The "Clinton process" 
  • Spike concept centred on solving a problem for the customer with the aim of delivering a solution in a very short time frame.


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