#82. Join me with Marc Schweigert, a  programme manager on the Power Customer Advisory Team at Microsoft as we talk about Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) approaches suited to novices and citizen developers through to professional developers. A healthy application lifecycle process is critical if you're going to build amazing, agile, Dynamics 365 and Power Apps platform applications. I think it's great that Microsoft is finally providing more prescriptive advice for how to achieve healthy ALM and providing tools to help us get there.

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Our discussion covers:

  • How the Microsoft PoweCAT group fits in and helps customers.
  • What is Microsoft's definition of application lifecycle management?
  • The CoE Starter Kit  which helps people get from the beginning clean slate to a mature state with some level of build source control, build deployment and automation
  • The journey to get to a place to open-source the CoE starter kit.
  • The new Power Apps ALM Accelerator for Advanced Makers.
  • Whether ALM applies to practitioners executing a waterfall style project as much as it does an agile style.
  • Training plans for the new ALM patterns and practices.

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