#91. Join me with Reza Rad, the founder and CEO of RADACAD providing Power BI training and consultancy services to thousands of Microsoft customers and partners every year. Reza's list of achievements is pretty embarrassing. He's not just a 10 times Microsoft MVP.  He's a Microsoft Regional Director. He's written over 15 books on data analytics, in addition to dozens of courses on RADACAD. He's been a speaker at dozens of industry conferences and used all of that experience to organize and host the Power BI summit for over 3000 people earlier this year, as well as the Difinity conference in New Zealand, SQL Saturday, New Zealand BI user groups, and the list goes on and on.

Our discussion covers:

  • The story behind Reza's successful training academy.
  • The difference between the approach the Microsoft customer typically takes with a Dynamics 365 project and the approach they normally take with Power BI.
  • Areas where Reza's Power BI customers typically run into trouble:  architectural challenges as they scale up, and visualization challenges about representing their data in a truthful, insightful way.
  • What's coming next for Power BI which is exciting Reza and the Power BI community.


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