121. What's it like trying to manage 10 Microsoft 365 tenants with hundreds of environments, apps and citizen developers. Rene Modery, Power Platform Technical Lead shares his journey at global advertising company, WPP.ย 

  • Managing ten Microsoft 365 tenants for a global company with hundreds of subsidiaries.
  • Power Platform environment policies and other guard rails to help makers.
  • How do you know what apps have already been built and what problems have already been solved within a large organisation so that makers don't reinvent the wheel?
  • Which data sources and connectors are proving to be the most popular in your Power Platform environments? SharePoint, Microsoft Lists, Excel, Azure SQL, Dataverse?
  • Why Rene is not ready to ask makers to standardise on Dataverse quite yet.
  • How the new Fluent UI controls will help app makers build apps that are better looking and more useful.
  • If Rene could direct the Microsoft product teams to improve one thing, it would be…licensing!
  • And he'd love to see some of the Center of Excellence features brought into the Power Platform Admin Center too. ย 
  • And in person events are returning to the Power Platform user groups in Singapore.


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