#133. Today’s guest is Michael Roth, a Power Platform consultant with Avanade who specializes in governance.

In this episode, Michael walks us through how he keeps business apps amazing by working on only the fun stuff, i.e., governance and licensing, and understanding how users experience tech, specifically Power Platform.

Michael also highlights the importance of governance and shares with us some of the biggest mistakes he sees organizations make when they don’t consider governance, what he would like to see Microsoft improve, and more.

Show Highlights

  • [03:04] How Michael got into business applications
  • [08:06] The types of people that typically think about governance
  • [12:10] Mistakes organizations make when they don’t consider governance
  • [17:05] How Michael thinks of the Microsoft Power Platform Center of Excellence starter kit
  • [22:20] Benefits of Managed Environments for customers
  • [26:52] What Michael would like to see Microsoft work on next
  • [29:20] On fusion teams and fusion development
  • [35:38] Michael’s style and take on feminism


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