#12. Co-hosts, Neil and Dermot (yes, he's back!), discuss the sprint backlog.

  • What is the sprint backlog and how does it relate to the product backlog?
     Who is responsible for the sprint backlog and who can change it?
  • How the development team and the product owner negotiate the contents of the sprint backlog, with the help of the scrum master.
  • The effect of swapping items out of the sprint backlog.
     How to handle capacity issues towards the end of the sprint when you’re ahead of or behind schedule.
  • Using a ‘Definition of Ready’ to ensure that stories selected for the sprint backlog can be developed into working features within the sprint.
  • Using velocity from recent sprints to forecast capacity for the upcoming sprint and how to adjust it for team members’ availability.
  • The types of product backlog items that can go into your sprint backlog, and whether it’s useful to use tasks to track progress during a sprint.
  • Should we separate out the business value delivered during the sprint from the velocity delivered during the sprint?
  • Using a physical Scrum board or a digital Scrum board, such as Visual Studio Team Services, and benefits and drawbacks of each, and the challenge of keeping them in sync if you decide to use both.
  • How to know when a product backlog item is complete at the end of the sprint, what to do if an item wasn’t finished, and why you should finish one item before starting another one.

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