132. Today’s guest is Andrew Ly, a Microsoft Business Applications Solutioning Lead at IBM Consulting in Australia.

Andrew shares his 22 years of experience in the Microsoft space, including the type of work he does and the clients he works with.

Andrew also gives his two cents on the low-code, no-code approach and talks about the demand of in a day trainings like App-in-a-Day sessions, Figma, and Power Platform applications.

Show Highlights

  • [02:48] Andrew’s background and what it’s like living and working in Australia
  • [05:13] What Andrew and Neil do to keep fit these days
  • [06:58] Andrew’s life at IBM, the type of work he does, and the clients he’s working with
  • [09:50] Maximizing the benefit of having sales systems, and building apps that work the way the individual does
  • [11:31] On helping clients scale up and scale out, and get out of challenging situations
  • [16:59] App in a Day sessions’ demand today
  • [19:05] Training programs that are centered around creating a sense of community internally
  • [24:30] On the acquisition of Figma and why it’s a great tool
  • [31:50] Technology overlapping with Biz Apps, including virtual reality
  • [39:09] Andrew’s suggestions on which areas to specialize in
  • [42:51] Andrew’s plans, including doing more coding and speaking sessions


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