#153.  Neil Benson is joined by Keith Atherton, a proper pro developer. Keith shares his journey from developing custom apps using .NET, C# and SQL Server to embracing and mastering the development of enterprise business applications using the Power Platform.

  • What do developers lose and gain using Power Platform compared to developing an app from scratch with .NET and SQL Server.
  • The power of rapidly prototyping applications in Power Apps even compared to wireframing tools, like Basalmiq.
  • How Keith decides when to use a low-code option or write code to meet a requirement.
  • The value of documenting our own solutions and decisions, even if it’s just for our own benefit later.
  •  Developers are used to unit testing, automated regression testing, AI-assisted programming. Do you miss those capabilities when working with Power Platform, especially Power Fx?
  • How Keith thinks about keeping his skills up-to-date and mastering so many competencies through a weekly learning routine.
  • Why .NET and C# developers should start with PL-900 Power Platform Fundamentals as their starting point for learning how to transfer their skills to Power Apps development.
  • If Keith had a magic wand, Microsoft would enable him to use C# in the Power Fx editor.

Keith Atherton



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