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Congratulations to all our students who have made our hall of fame by achieving their professional Scrum certification and a huge thank you for your testimonials.

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Almost 200 Microsoft partners and customers have trusted Customery to deliver Scrum training to their Dynamics 365 and Power Platform teams.


Well done to all the Customery students who have achieved their professional Scrum certification.


What Our Students Say

What I’ve seen is there’s more efficiency from the teams because things are more organised. There’s a process in place. There’s a structure that people look and say, ‘Okay, yeah, this is how things are being done and this is better as compared to what we’re doing before’. In terms of saving time, after going through the Scrum course, what I now have is a process to filter through the backlog, put those things into sprints on the backlog itself. So basically, it saving us time in terms of where work items which are related.

Alexio Chandiwana
Solution Designer at D365 Consulting

We’ve got a lot of really good feedback from our very first customer that we applied the framework to, to the point where we got a case study out of it with Capgemini, like it’s on our website and public. For me, the mental health thing has dramatically improved in terms of like what I think we’ve agreed upon versus what they’ve agreed they think that they’ve agreed upon. Being confident, using the framework, being on time and on budget gives us confidence. Every time that we know that we’re going to use the framework, it’ll actually happen. Just having the baseline, which is the Scrum for Business Applications course really helps us all stay aligned and true to that.

Andrew Rogers
Senior Manager, Dynamics 365 at Capgemini

We have increased significantly increased the size of our development team. One of the reasons that we’ve been able to do that is because the business has had confidence in the framework that we’ve got to deliver, and that has seen us been given an increase in budget. The work aspect of my life is different after during the course because I definitely have a better framework in order to run the project that has been led to decrease in stress around overruns and risk management.

Louise Astorgano, Head of Technology at Evolv Super Audits

The main difference that adopting Scrum has made to our business apps projects within Incremental Group is it adds structure to our teams. It allows our guys to work in iterative sprints, and it enables our project managers to keep a track of the work that’s going on. Ultimately, then we’re able to work together as a team towards a goal and deliver the best application, the best solution, to our customers.

Graeme Donnell, Senior Pre-Sales Consultant at Incremental Group


Successful Scrum for Microsoft Business Apps

Highly Recommended

I highly recommend this course to anyone looking for a comprehensive learning experience in Scrum. I am truly grateful for Neil’s teachings, which has significantly influenced my success in passing the PSM1 exam on my first attempt.

Chigbo Okafor
Functional Consultant
Power Platform School

Successful Scrum For Microsoft Business Apps

A great learning experience

An excellent training course with many valuable real-world examples that help you understand Scrum beyond the Scrum guide; it also provides excellent advice on preparing for the exam. I totally recommend it.

Altagracia Lagares, PSM1
Project Manager
Simplex Group

Successful Scrum For Microsoft Business Apps

Really good course

Well paces and ordered, presented clearly and with good illustrations where required.

Still can’t place your accent.

Charlie Zerny
Project Manager

Successful Scrum For Microsoft Business Apps

Excellent and fun

Great course full of valuable information, very engaging and well presented.

And who doesn’t love LEGO!

Scott Beban
Senior Consultant

Successful Scrum For Microsoft Business Apps


Well-presented course with engaging content.

I would recommend taking the test exams more than one though as you will inevitably find the questions will vary when it comes to the official exam quite a lot.

Marcus Tomlinson-Wilde
Principal Data Consultant

Successful Scrum For Microsoft Business Apps

Informative, engaging and practical

I took the Scrum for Microsoft Business Apps course to learn how to apply Scrum frameworks to Dynamics 365 and Power Platform. I found the course very informative, engaging and practical. I enjoyed the course and learned a lot from it. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to implement Microsoft Business Applications using Scrum.

Christian Gosselin, PSM1
Principal Consultant
powerplé consulting

Successful Scrum For Microsoft Business Apps

Estimating Business Apps

Influential and engaging course

This course is both thought provoking and credible. Neil provides real world examples of how his team estimates the most valued work required to deliver client projects – recommended.

Jon Burston
Power Platform Specialist
Rialto IT Services

Estimating Business Apps

A very useful set of information

Coming back to consulting as a Power Platform senior technical lead consultant after three years as an end user was challenging since I had never estimated projects for clients. This course gave me more confidence to work and was very useful for my development.

Felipe Diniz
Senior Consultant

Estimating Business Apps

Quality and depth of content

I was very impressed by the quality and depth of the content. The course is well-structured, engaging, and interactive, with quizzes and case studies to reinforce the learning. I learned a lot from this course, and I feel more confident and prepared to estimate agile projects. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their estimating skills and deliver better outcomes for their customers.

Christian Gosselin, PSM1
Principal Consultant
powerplé consulting

Estimating Business Apps

Best way to learn project estimation

Valuable and to the point explanation. I enjoyed the course.

Senior Consultant
Incremental Group

Estimating Business Apps

Agile Foundations for Microsoft Business Apps

Great start in Scrum

Gives contect for the detail of Scrum that will follow and the why of it all

Kamal Pandey
Microsoft Dynamics Lead Developer
Sandvik Coromant

Agile Foundations for Microsoft Business Apps

Great course

Is the first step of the journey but it’s very useful.

Enrique Sánchez
Gerente IT

Agile Foundations for Microsoft Business Apps


Very well explained what the principals of Agile delivery are, how they work, and what the benefits are.

Shazad Ali
Managing Director
Forte Technologies – UAE

Agile Foundations for Microsoft Business Apps

Perfect Scrum starter course

As a new expert in Power Platform, I believe the techniques discussed by Neil in this course will help in going a long way to achieve well-structured projects. Thank you for the free course.

Benjamin Mwigiri
Customs and Border Control
Kenya Revenue Authority

Agile Foundations for Microsoft Business Apps


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